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How to address COVID legal issues in your workplace

The Quad Cities Chamber will have a Zoom webinar addressing COVID-related legal issues at work

Attorneys Matt Pappas and Allison Wright from the firm Pappas Wright, P.C. will host a virtual COVID-19 business update which will address recent nuances businesses may face with state and federal regulations in containing the spread of coronavirus.

The 45-minute webinar will take place on Friday, September 17 and is free to attend. 

Through Zoom, Pappas and Wright will bring insight on current issues work places may face and answer any questions from attendees.

The measures to combat the global pandemic may create an impact which can cause issues for both businesses and their employees.

Attendance is free with an advance registration required at the Quad Cities Chamber website.

Here are some of the takeaways Pappas and Wright will address in the webinar:

  • Updates on President Biden's recent move 
  • Can an employer require vaccinations for its employees?
  • Must reasonable accommodations be provided for COVID-19 vaccination work requirements? 
  • Can employers require their employees to wear masks? 
  • Can an employer provide incentives for its employees to get vaccinated? 
  • Can an employer charge a premium to those who are not vaccinated for its health insurance? 
  • Do pre-screening COVID-19 vaccination questions trigger ADA protections? 
  • What are the differences between Illinois and Iowa when approaching COVID-19 questions? 
  • What is a bona fide religious belief?