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Chicago Auto Show set for summer 2021, will be one of the first in-person events at McCormick Place since start of pandemic

McCormick Place temporarily housed COVID-19 patients in the thick of the pandemic to help create space in hospitals for serious cases.
Inside the Chicago Auto Show

CHICAGO — The Chicago Auto Show is coming back to McCormick Place during the summer of 2021, after skipping their usual February show dates. 

The show will run from July 15 - 19. It will be one of McCormick Place's first live and in-person events since the start of the pandemic. 

In early April of 2020, McCormick Place was turned into an alternative care facility that was made to take in COVID-19 patients who had mild to moderate illness. By May 1, facility organizers began to deconstruct the care operation, according to a statement from the Mayor of Chicago's office.

The postponement was decided in December of 2020, according to a report by ABC7 Chicago.

"While we believe February is the right time for the Chicago Auto Show to have its biggest impact on the industry and the area economy, we're thrilled to be able to experiment with the July dates," said Chicago Auto Show General Manager Dave Sloan. "The timing has allowed us to get creative and try new things and the automakers have really embraced it." 

The 2021 Chicago Auto Show is a "Special Edition" show and will run about half as long as it has in the past. It will utilize the West Building and expand to outside space. 

Something unique this change-up will offer is the opportunity for outdoor test-drives.

Tickets to the show are available exclusively online - here. Attendees must pick a time slot for a specific day of the show.  They also must agree to adhere to social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines while at the show. 

"We stand committed to providing a safe environment for all involved and will carefully adhere to the health and safety protocols and guidelines set forth by city and state officials," said Sloan.

Organizers plan to maintain control of the number of people on the show floor at any given time. 

The video below is from April 3, 2020, when McCormick Place was announced as an alternative care facility for COVID-19 patients.