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These are the safest cities in Illinois, did your city make the list?

You might be surprised at where the differents Quad Cities rank…

ILLINOIS- A new study by backgroundchecks.org has given us insight into the Illinois cities with the most and the least reported crime.

While Chicago’s violent crime problem often gets national attention, the city’s suburbs are among the safest and best places to raise a family in the country. In fact, 14 smaller Illinois cities–the majority of which are found in greater Chicagoland– earned a score of 0.6 or higher on our Safety Index, which is very good. Here’s a look at the Land of Lincoln’s top five safest cities.

According to the site, two Chicago suburbs share the distinction of being named Illinois’ safest city:

Warrenville, a modestly sized community in DuPage County, and Deerfield, a wealthy north shore suburb. Deerfield edges out Warrenville in violent crime, logging just 0.26 incidents per 1,000 residents, while the latter boasts a slightly lower property crime rate.

The third spot is shared by three other Chicagoland suburbs, each earning a Safety Index score of 0.75: Elk Grove Village, Burr Ridge, and Wood Dale.

Elk Grove Village is a near northwest Chicago suburb that recorded a violent crime rate over ten times lower than the large city that it borders. Elk Grove is home to the largest business park in the country, which is the center of employment for many residents and inhabitants of neighboring communities, alike.

Burr Ridge a city of nearly 11,000 recorded just 9 violent crimes in 2017, rendering it a very safe place to raise a family if you can afford the real estate.

Wood Dale is a DuPage County suburb with low violent and property crime rates and a high law enforcement to resident ratio of 2.97.

100 Safest Cities in Illinois, 2019