Here’s what’s going on at the Rock Island Supper Club – alderman speaks out

News 8 spoke with Dylan Parker, alderman for Rock Island’s 5th Ward, who took action in regards to the situation.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — The Rock Island Supper Club, a local artist venue and non-profit organization, was closed by board members on Feb. 7. One of the board members also stepped down from his roles within the club soon after.

Controversy surrounding several online allegations have been swirling on social media, primarily Facebook.

News 8 spoke with Dylan Parker, alderman for Rock Island’s 5th Ward, who took action in regards to the situation. Hear his answers to our questions below.

Q: Tell us, in your words, what’s going on?

Parker said the allegations were first brought to the club about a year ago. He said recent controversy claims the club did not do enough to address the issues.

Q: How do you appropriately address allegations like this?

The club does not have an official liquor license with the city of Rock Island, Parker said. The venue has a BYOB policy, which was accepted by the city in an "agreement." There is no official permit for a BYOB policy in the city of Rock Island.

Parker has asked the Rock Island Liquor commission to revoke the agreement until the club can prove they are able to have it again. He said this is a common move, especially with bars who have had reported incidences.

The alderman also said he donated to the club when he was first in office. He said he gave to several local businesses, and one of them was the Rock Island Supper Club. He said he has not donated to the organization since the allegations were brought forward a year ago.

Q: Do you think Facebook been harmful or helpful in this situation?

Parker said he had received several direct messages about the issue, which directed him to several Facebook posts. The club operated from their Facebook page, which has since been taken down.

All of the allegations have been made through social media, primarily Facebook.

Q: Do you think the police should get involved?

Deputy Chief with the Rock Island Police Department Jason Foy told News 8 that no one has filed a complaint. There is currently no formal investigation.

*Editor's note: The information on Parker's donations to the club was added at 6:20 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14, after the original publication of the web story.