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Genius Idea Alert: A food truck for dogs

Everybody enjoys a good food truck, and now, so can your pets!
Seattle Barkery

SEATTLE- Everybody enjoys a good food truck, and now, so can your pets!

Unfortunately only if you live in Seattle.

But now dog lovers can treat their dog’s thanks to Ben and Dawn Ford. They opened The Seattle Barkery, Which according to their website is Seattle’s first food truck meant for dogs!

Dogs at the Barkery

We typically have two reactions to the truck. The first is by the humans who are bewildered as to what we’re actually selling.  Nine times out of ten you’ll notice the dog(s) figuring it out quicker than their owners with their noses raised high.  We often have a lot of regulars, both dogs and humans, especially at the dog parks.  The winter months are not easy but thankfully we have a lot of dedicated dog owners here in Seattle that hit the parks, rain or shine!  They warm up with our locally roasted “Middle Fork” drip coffee and in the summer we go through a LOT of their delicious cold brew, along with locally owned “Six Strawberries” ice pops.-Ben Ford

Apparently, they have SOME food and coffee for humans too, but it’s dedicated to dogs.

Like you would expect they have a tip jar, but the twist is that 100% of tips go to Old Dog Haven, a rescue and “fospice” for senior dogs.

The owners say they have raised over $2,000 in 10 months.

If you’re ever in Seattle you can see where they will be here.