Tools for Teachers helps out one teachers “classroom family”

After being gifted $200 for school supplies, this teacher gave a fun assignment to her kids to help them decide what to spend that money on…

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Kiley VanOpdorp is teaching fifteen eager first graders at Longfellow Elementary, this is her smallest class over the past few years.

Thirteen years spent in the classroom and Kiley is still in love with teaching.

"Working with kids can really make a huge difference in our community and it's just I love them. I love them so much," said Kiley.

Proud of every kid that enters her classroom doors.

"Once you are in this classroom and in this family you are forever so seeing my kids in the other grades and interacting with them as well is super special," said Kiley.

That attitude is not overlooked by anyone in the district.

"She is a superstar any building she went to she was a superstar. I am glad to have her here because she does everything she not only teaches she gets in all sorts of committees," said David Knuckey, Principal at Longfellow.

"Every month we host and sponsor a tools for teachers contest where somebody in the community can nominate their favorite teacher for a $200 gift card that they can use towards their classroom to apply for additional tools to help their classroom grow and learn," said Eric Langan with Carpetland U.S.A. "So this month your sister, Emily Hudson, nominated you to be that winner and I am happy to be here to give you this $200  visa gift card for your classroom."

"This is kinda what it's all about being to use things like this to spend on my kids because you spend a lot of your own money," said Kiley.

The real winners are the kids.

"$200 to a first grader might as well be five million dollars they are going to think this is like the greatest thing ever," said Kiley.

Allowing them to help decide what they should use the money for.

Even if the idea is a little far-fetched she wants to teach each student that the sky is the limit.

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