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Smooching sow celebrates with Moline kids after Student Hunger Drive achievements

“She’s a great pig,” said Roosevelt School Principal Sharon Lantzky, on Olive the pig, who stopped by to smooch teachers after kids participat...

MOLINE, Illinois - Olive the pig is a smooching sow with a reason to celebrate on Thursday, Oct. 27. Kids at Roosevelt Elementary School collected nearly 1,500 pounds of food for the Student Hunger Drive.

So Olive, who lives with a Roosevelt staffer, enjoyed snacks and smooches with teachers.

"The kids are going to scream and holler," said Principal Sharon Lantzky.  "I've listened to them for a month now, saying, 'You're going to kiss a pig!'"

Kids laughed and giggled as 80-pound Olive made her entrance from behind a curtain in the school auditorium. Teachers lined up, one-by-one, to pucker up with the gentle pig.

Last, but not least. Principal Lantzky joined in on the fun.

"She's a good pig," Lantzky said.  "She's very willing to participate as far as we know."

For her part, Olive came through like a pro.

"We may have to entice her a little bit with candy or carrots, but she's here for the long haul," Lantzky said.

Roosevelt students started collecting canned goods in early October. Donations will go to the Student Hunger Drive at Moline High School.

Olive departed feeling loved by the school and full from the snacks.