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Fulton School officials thank students for alerting staff of threat

Students at Fulton High alerted school officials of a threat made to the school which led to a lock down yesterday morning.

FULTON, Illinois-- Right before lunchtime Fulton High School officials got a warning that alarmed them.

Fulton High School Administrators said (a) high school student(s)  informed  the principal about a social media post that threatened the school.

The online  post was allegedly by former Fulton student 18-year old Blake Dornbush, said Fulton Police.

River Bend School Superintendent Darryl Hogue said the principal alerted him and police of the possible threat.

"We're grateful that the students came forward--that helped us immediately address it, said Hogue.

Police deemed the social media post as a credible threat after it evaluating it carefully. As a precaution they advised school administrators to put Fulton High on a "soft" lock down. Students and staff were told to stay in their classrooms while some police officers guarded outside the school.

Around 1:30 p.m. police located Dornbush and arrested him on felony charges of disorderly conduct.

The soft lock down was lifted and students resumed to their normal schedules shortly after Dornbush was taken into custody.

Hogue says the school trains safety drills about four times a year.

School Administrators will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss any updates on lock down drills.

Dornbush appeared in court on February 28th and was formally charged with two counts of disorderly conduct involving threat of violence , death or bodily harm directed against persons at a school and harassment through electronic communications. Both of those counts as Class 4 felonies.  He is being held at the Whiteside County Jail on a $25,000 dollars bond.