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Quad Cities Christian School seeing uptick in enrollment for in person learning

The school says it won't switch to online learning unless they have to because of a Governor mandate

MOLINE, Ill. — High school science teacher Erin Wolf is ready to be back in her classroom, and at Quad Cities Christian School she will be, five days a week this fall.    

“If I already have to do these precautions to go to get my groceries than I am willing to take those same precautions and be around the kids that I love dearly.”    

Wolf saying she would rather be with students than talking to them over the computer. “I`d rather be in front of a classroom with a group of kids face to face.”

The school has seen a 20 percent uptick in enrollment this year.

Superintendent Jeremy Steiner thinks it's because students will be in the classroom full time.

“Most of the phone calls are we both work, I have to send our kids to school, are you doing five days a week, are you following protocols? Yes we are. Okay I`m sending my kids how do I sign up?”

Usually there are ten students to a classroom with one classroom per grade.

Some classes are up to 20 students for the year. Steiner, saying this isn’t a problem.     

“I have the capability of expanding a room or moving a classroom or splitting a classroom and going to two classrooms. I can do that on both of my campuses so I would always welcome one more if you will.”    

An online plan is prepared, but with more than half of the school's parents saying they want full in person instruction, it will take a lot to shut the school doors.        

Steiner saying, “It would only be something mandated by the governor that I legally have to follow that is the only way I will go backwards.”  

The school is confident that it can keep students safe come this fall.     

“We will be able to wash our hands, wipe down desks wear the masks do the things that are necessary.”

All students will be back in the classroom for full in person learning starting August 19.

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