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Pleasant Valley School District waiting on decision regarding masks in classes this fall

Hoping for more guidance from the state, PV is holding out on a final call regarding masks for students.

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Pleasant Valley School District is considering whether or not to require face masks for its students when they return in the fall. 

As the clock ticks down to the start of a new school year Pleasant Valley School District is left with a lot of unknowns about what learning will look like. 

Superintendent Brian Strusz says it's a difficult decision, and they aren't trying to rush into anything. 

"It's a very difficult decision so right now we're looking at where we are today and where we might be come August 24th." 

That decision Strusz is referring to is whether or not staff and students will be wearing masks in school. 

"It does develop very quickly and that`s where you have to be a little flexible. I think we need to understand that as we would like to make the decision today it's almost impossible to make that decision. We will make it as soon as possible."

Strusz is urging people to be flexible because that one decision is more like countless little decisions that are all starting to add up. 

"As of today we look at our community and I feel at times we're almost back in March and April with the number of cases that we are seeing. So we have seen a huge drop in that age of people which means a lot of kids are now carriers or are showing symptom."

Just across the river Governor Pritzker has made it mandatory for all students and staff to wear masks this coming fall. 

But the Iowa Department of Education says mask requirements should be based at the local level- off of individual student and staff needs. 

Iowa Department of Education Bureau Chief Amy Williamson says it's up to each district to decide what best serves them

"The Department of Education can't prevent a local district from requiring masks if they would like to do so. To be honest with you I don`t think we have completely solved this yet."

Strusz says for now it's looking like teachers will be in masks, and as for students, that decision is still up in the air. 

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"We will probably be leaning toward maybe masks definitely for teachers. Right now maybe with students, but what is the right age of kids? Maybe they wear them in the classroom and take them off at times or they wear them in the hallway."

While parents and students are anxious for a decision Strusz promises they're taking their time to make sure the best decision is made. 

Strusz says he is also getting input from teachers and their concerns before returning to school this August.