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MY FAVORITE TEACHER: A steady influence

A Wapello teacher creates a special bond after teaching her kids three out of the last six years

WAPELLO, Iowa — ach year, News 8 looks for the five teachers who are exceptional by asking students to nominate MY FAVORITE TEACHER.  Each is honored with an award presented by a grateful student. 

Some teachers have real staying power.

In Wapello Elementary, Carin Cline is taking that literally and one of her students is thankful for it.

"Thank you for teaching me all this time and you're My Favorite Teacher," said Clayton Bishop as he marched into Miss Cline's classroom to present her with an award for being his Favorite Teacher.

Miss Cline has a special bond with Wapello fifth grader Clayton Bishop and with his entire class.

"Oh these poor kids, you know, three out of six years and they're with me," she told us.

Yes, Miss Cline spent 15 years teaching first grade and had many of these kids in her class.

And she had them again when she was moved to fourth grade.

And because of COVID, she's teaching them again in fifth grade.

"It's been a very long, tough year," she admitted.

"Lots of different things going on and just not expecting that."

The thing she wasn't expecting was Clayton's letter to his favorite teacher.

"Miss Cline has encouraged me to go out on my own and earn some studies on my own."

And it hasn't been easy for Clayton.

But he says Miss Cline has offered the support he needed to be in the school's gifted and talented program which lets him grow to his full potential.

"Thank you so much for being there and helping me achieve my goals and being the best I can be," he told her.

And she's so happy to get the award from a student like Clayton.

"He's one of those kids that most of the time I think he's smarter than me."

This year of COVID means Miss Cline's very familiar fifth grade students... whether studying in class, or joining the lessons from home, are still getting the attention they need to be all they can be.

"I shall always be grateful for Miss Cline for above and beyond encouragement and strength for always being there," said Clayton.