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Aubree Plant has left a lasting impression on her student Chase Palm in a Geneseo Middle School

GENESEO, Ill. — Each year, News 8 looks for the five teachers who are exceptional by asking students to nominate MY FAVORITE TEACHER.  Each is honored with an award presented by a grateful student.

Sometimes it takes awhile to reach out to the person who means so much to you.

But Chase Palm knew it was important that Geneseo Middle School teacher Aubree Plant know the impact she has not only now but in the future.

"She told me she had my back no matter what, basically, and that was very, very inspiring," Chase said after presenting Mrs. Plant with a "My Favorite Teacher" award.

The support Chase and his classmates are getting from Mrs Plant comes from a teacher who admits her middle school teachers weren't supportive nor inspiring to her.

She vowed to teach differently.

"It's not so much about getting them to buy into the work you're providing, but it's getting them to open up and just be willing to share and trust you as an educator," she said.

Even in an eighth grade classroom where the lesson centers on Haiku poetry.

"Let's find a poet you love," she asked the class.

Chase found that poet and used the words of Maya Angelou to help describe Mrs. Plant.

"At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or what you did.  They will remember how you made them feel," he read from a quote by the famous author.

"That's the biggest thing I hope my students take away is that they have a voice, learn how to use it, find out what your passions are, you know, follow your heart, do what you love," said Mrs. Plant.

And part of Chase's voice can be found in his letter to My Favorite Teacher.

"She also teaches you to succeed and not just to learn."

"I'm so proud of you, that's such a good essay," said Mrs. Plant.