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Monmouth-Roseville will learn remotely after COVID-19 outbreak among staff

The district was originally set to have in-person learning but switched course after the outbreak.

MONMOUTH, Ill. — The Monmouth-Roseville superintendent says the district has made a change of plans, the school will be remote instead of in-person.

Originally on July 16, the Board of Education approved a plan that meant students would physically return to school. 

However, after a recent outbreak among staff, the school will now be remote.

"After much consideration and discussion, the Board of Education voted on July 30, 2020, to change our re-entry plan to full remote instruction for the fall semester."- Superintendent Edward D. Fletcher

Maria Ortiz, a mother with two students in the district, said she saw the announcement coming.

"I was already making plans of what I was going to do in case they were going to do remote learning," said Ortiz.

Ortiz said her youngest son was eager to begin his first year of learning.

"Kindergarten, you know, it’s essential... how am I going to teach him how to read [from home]," said Ortiz. "I’m glad my job permits me to do that."

The school will offer full remote instruction for students on August 24, 2020. 

This schedule will be in place for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Denise Briley, a parent of a Monmouth-Roseville High School student, said one semester of remote learning will not be enough time to curb cases.

"It would take those numbers to be way down for me to be comfortable to take those kids back to school," said Briley.

Briley said she and her son have compromised immune systems.

"School-wise, if they fall a little behind, that can be made up. Once they’re sick or if someone were to get really badly sick that can’t be taken back," said Briley. "School is not worth me dying over."

Later in the semester, the Board of Education will determine a plan for the second semester.

The school says all students are expected to attend school daily (remotely) and follow the Monmouth-Roseville CUSD #238 School Reopening Plan.

Grading practices will return to normal. Students will be responsible for attendance and class assignments.

Everyone, including visitors, in school will be required to wear masks/face-coverings when around others. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to families.