Iowa gubernatorial candidates say education will be key issue for voters

Both gubernatorial candidates campaign in the Quad Cities today.

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --   Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her opponent, Democratic nominee Fred Hubbell, were campaigning in the Quad Cities Sunday, October 21, 2018, after their third and final debate before elections on November 6, 2018.

Both candidates spoke on their plans for education for schools in the Quad Cities.

"We have to put more funding in education," Democratic Iowa State Senator Rita Hart said. "If we are going to return our status to number one in the country, then we have to put our priorities where they belong."

"We just need people," Republican Governor Kim Reynolds said. "Opportunities for Iowans in the Quad Cities, we want to work with them and help them get the skills to match them up with a great job."

Governor Reynolds said she is proud of the education system Iowa currently has, especially for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Reynolds also said the success of education should not only be judged based on how much money each school gets from the state, but by how prepared Iowa students are to enter the workforce.

Democratic nominee Fred Hubbell and his running mate Rita Hart disagree and said that Iowa students, especially in the Quad Cities, are underfunded. Hart said if the democrats are elected, they will work with teachers and administrators to get more state dollars for students and teachers in Iowa on the state level.

Iowa has 1.9 million active voters. That includes 710,000 declaring no party. 644,000 registered as republicans. 620,000 are registered as democrats, and there are 11,800 libertarians.

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