Illinois School Report Cards: How Did Your School Do?

The report cards are out – not for students, but schools in our area. The Illinois Board of Education released the Illinois Report Card on Thursday, Octob...

The report cards are out - not for students, but schools in our area.

The Illinois Board of Education released the Illinois Report Card on Thursday, October 31st, 2013.

It found more than half (21) of the elementary schools in the Illinois QCA are below the state average for reading and math proficiency according to test scores on the ISAT (Illinois Standard Achievement Test). News 8 looked at 38 elementary schools in a 20-mile radius around Moline.

Of those 21 schools, 8 out of 9 are in the Rock-Island Milan School District and 4 of those 8 are in the bottom 10.

Rock Island Academy had the lowest score with 22.8% of its students meeting or exceeding in the ISAT. Next, Frances Willard Elementary had 24.6%. Longfellow Elementary at 29.8% and Earl Hanson Elementary at 36.5% were also in the bottom 10.

Kathy Taylor, Director of Teaching and Learning with the District, says they're disappointed of where they are, but "we also know where we need to grow and we want to focus on that."

She says the ISAT is not the only way the District measures student achievement.

"We have other growth measures that we want to pay attention to as well, so though ISAT is important to us, it is a data point that we want to use to help us further instruction and further student learning," Taylor said. "We do have other measures that we take into account across the year to track student growth from point A to B to C, etcetera."

Taylor says the District uses Illinois Common Core Learning Standards as well as something they called "graduate profiles" to help students get ready for higher education and beyond.

"We’re going to work on getting our kids ready in any way that we can, but that graduate profile is our driving force. We want to make sure that they are prepared and ready in whatever they take on as they graduate and walk across that stage for Rock Island," Taylor said.

There is one reason why some of the schools' scores are below the state average. Between the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, the minimum scores needed to pass the ISAT were raised. In 2011-2012, 82.5% of students statewide met or exceeded in the ISAT. After the changes in 2012-2013, the number dropped to 58.8%.

"We know that the number is one fact," Taylor said. "It is a fact that we face and we say we are very disappointed in this, but we know that we are working on things and we know that we are moving in the right direction."

Rock Island-Milan was not the only school district that stood out on the Illinois Report Card. You can find a list of Illinois QCA schools below with more information:

Elementary Schools:

Wells Elementary School, East Moline

Ericsson Elementary School, Moline

Eagle Ride School, Silvis

Hillcrest Elementary School, East Moline

Colona Grade School, Colona

George O Barr School, Silvis

Lincoln-Irving Elementary School, Moline

Ridgewood Elementary School, Rock Island

Denkmann Elementary School, Rock Island

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Milan

Logan Elementary School, Moline

Willard Elementary School, Moline

Bowlesburg Elementary School, Silvis

Ridgewood Elementary School, East Moline

George Washington Elementary School, Moline

Butterworth Elementary School, Moline

Hamilton Elementary School, Moline

Roosevelt Elementary School, Moline

Eugene Field Elementary School, Rock Island

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Moline

C R Hanna Elementary School, Orion

Winola Elementary School, Viola

Garfield Elementary School, Moline

Sherrard Elementary School, Sherrard

Matherville Intermediate School, Matherville

AlWood Elementary School, Alpha

Andalusia Elementary School, Andalusia

Riverdale Elementary School, Port Byron

Jane Addams Elementary School, Moline

Bicentennial Elementary School, Coal Valley

Hampton Elementary School, Hampton

Reynolds Elementary School, Reynolds

Taylor Ridge Elementary School, Taylor Ridge

Millikin Elementary School, Geneseo

Northside Elementary School, Geneseo

Southwest Elementary School, Geneseo

Middle Schools:

Orion Middle School, Orion

Rockridge Junior High School, Taylor Ridge

Sherrard Junior High School, Sherrard

Riverdale Middle School, Port Byron

Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Moline

John Deere Middle School, Moline

Washington Junior High School, Rock Island

Glenview Middle School, East Moline

Northeast Junior High School, East Moline

Edison Junior High School, Rock Island

High Schools:

Orion High School, Orion

Rockridge High School, Taylor Ridge

Riverdale Senior High School, Port Byron

Moline Senior High School, Moline

Sherrard High School, Sherrard

United Township High School, East Moline

Rock Island High School, Rock Island

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