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Get schooled on the 2020 census from singing Davenport elementary students

Students at Davenport's All Saints Catholic School learn about the 2020 Census through song.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Students at All Saints Catholic School in Davenport aren't just learning about the 2020 census, they're singing about it.

Three grade levels, six different classes, 120 individual voices; when it comes to the 2020 U.S. census, everybody counts. And students are learning what that means.

"To count everyone in your house, and your neighbors, and your neighborhood and all the people that live there," explains second grade student Briana Wren.

Second grader Elyse Slesicki says everyone counts. "Adults, kids, aunts, uncles grandmas and grandpas, great grandmas and great grandpas."

Students aren't just learning about the government counting, they also learned a song to help educate others about it too.

"It's a good song that everyone should know," says second grader Owen Thiessen.

And even though they're too young to fill out the forms, they want adults to be ready.

"There are billboards about it, there are going to be commercials about it, and they'll get stuff in the mail for it," says Thiessen.

These kids know it's important for everyone to be counted.

"Everyone counts in the US of A. Everyone counts in their own special way," says second grader Gabbi Erbst.

Census day is April 1, 2020.