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Geneseo High could be holding the finale for final exams

“We hopes it brings a more balanced and integrated approach,” said Geneseo Superintendent Scott Kuffel.

GENESEO, Illinois -- Crunch time for kids means cramming for finals, and that's stressful. Soon, a lot of those exams could become a thing of the past, at least for students at one area high school.

The Geneseo School Board is considering a big change -- making final exams optional in coming years.

Board members are expected to decide in about a week. The new policy would start when kids return in August 2017.

"A student might have had a "B" for one quarter and a "B" for another quarter, but bombed an exam," said Geneseo Superintendent Scott Kuffel, on Thursday, April 6.

Under the proposal, teachers could decide if they want to give finals.  Each exam would be weighted a lot less for grading purposes. That's to inspire year-round learning.

"The importance of every day of class, rather than, this day may not be as important, but exam day is super important," he continued.

Geneseo's proposal mirrors what's happening in a lot of other high schools and colleges these days.  Final exams are becoming less important or even phased out.

This also adds more teaching days back to the calendar.  Teachers would be able to spread out tests during the school year.

"The cumulative effect of it is not as demanding as it might have been when we were in school," he said.

Despite less anxiety and stress over finals, students still need to earn their grades.  But with less pressure, it could promote better retention.

"We hope it brings a more balanced and integrated approach, from both the teacher's perspective and learning perspective," Kuffel concluded.