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Decision time for Rock Island-Milan school district

District decides to postpone its vote remote classes will continue next year.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — School districts are working to create a safe and effective learning environment for the upcoming school year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rock Island-Milan School District did not make a decision Tuesday, June 30 and postponed its vote that would determine if students would start the 2020-2021 school year remote learning.

The district will hold another special meeting the week of July 13.

One mother in the district, Jenni Gang, quickly found herself in the role of household school teacher.

"If I choose to homeschool my children it would be a little bit more simple as I would be coming up with the curriculum," says Jenni.

She was forced to turn her home into a classroom.

"My third grader now going into fourth grade, has always had some challenges with independent learning."

Despite the best efforts of teachers, virtual learning didn't work for her family.

"She does have ADHD, so for her this was really frustrating."

Love it or hate it, remote learning could be here to stay.

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Teachers at Washington Junior High School are establishing ways to improve the online learning experience.

"We are planning meetings in late July, just to see what the classroom is going to look like," says eighth grade teacher Beth Brandner.

The stakes are high.

"I want the kids to be safe. I want us teachers to be safe."

It's a process that cannot be fast tracked. 

Dr. Reginald Lawrence, Rock Island-Milan School Superintendent says, "There are a number of pieces that go into it and we are in the process of completing it."

Ms Brandner says students can't afford to lose more ground.

"The kids have expressed that they want to see us. Like we're in class as much as possible."

She says when classes went online some students simply disappeared or logged in after hours.

"My dream would be to be back in the classroom with all my kids."

A parent herself, she wants the same as everyone else.

"When we went to college this is nothing that we learned. We are truly doing the best we can."

The district plans to send out another survey to parents, students and staff before making a formal decision.