Early snowfall sets harvest back for farmers

“Everyday that we have in October to harvest, we need to be out harvesting,” he said.

DEWITT, IOWA  --  An early snowfall means later harvest for farmers. With an already late start to planting season, the snow is just another problem for farmers.

"We`re behind two weeks plus in harvest," farmer Joe Dierickx said. "There is always something to do on the farm thankfully."

Dierickx is spending his time outside the field drying his crops in grain bins. He tests the corn's moisture every few hours. Dierickx says this is necessary work, but he needs to be harvesting.

"I can monitor the dryer little more closely while I'm here and not in the field."

Dierickx woke up to three inches of snow covering his 4,000 acres of corn and soybeans. But, even when snow is melted, the crops cant run through the combine.

"Basically covers them with a sheet of ice, then the crop just goes right out the back," He said. "We can`t get the yield that we need. We can`t get everything we have grown."

Dierickx says another problem with the snow for farmers is the melting process. It slowly melts into the ground, keeping the ground wet for longer than it would be if it had just rained.

"Everyday that we have in October to harvest, we need to be out harvesting," he said. "This is unusual, but its not unheard of."