Dogs go the distance at Jackson County dock diving competition

Dogs of all breeds will be at the KLIMB Classic dock diving competition.

MAQUOKETA, Iowa — The Jackson County Fairgrounds is going to the dogs for a new event in the area.  KLIMB Classic dog dock diving competitions kicked off Thursday and will go through the weekend.

Dog owner, Colleen Mitchell, says her Doberman named Ripcord has been waiting for this day all year.

"He just thinks this is the funnest thing ever," says Mitchell, trying to hold down eager Ripcord who loves the water. "You're about to see how strong he is when he sees the pool."

"This is the perfect event, everyone is super excited," says Jason Rimler, a judge for the competition with North American Diving Dogs. "Every team gets two shots at it. Meaning if they go up to the dock they get two jumps. It's the longest of the two that will count."

All canines of every color, coat, and breed get the chance to go the distance. Rimler says some dogs jump 4 feet, while others can travel up to 35 feet.

"We've had every single breed you can imagine," says Rimler.  "Most names you can't even pronounce."

Three different events take place off the docks.  Disc events will take place starting Friday.  All events run from 10 AM to 5 PM thru Sunday.  Admission is free.