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Des Moines is ready to cash in on the Caucus

The 2020 Caucuses are worth more than $11-million in extra revenue citywide.

DES MOINES, Iowa  For Des Moines, it's priceless.

The Iowa Caucuses brings worldwide attention to Iowa's largest city.

It's a chance for the Capitol city to shine.

And make money.

The hip, downtown Des Moines coffee shop West End Architectural Salvage, is ready to serve up something different for the Iowa Caucuses.

Owners say they're prepared for more than 1500 credentialed journalists and hundreds of politicos who haven't been in Iowa for the past four years.

"The whole downtown landscape has changed," said co-owner Don Short who also owns the popular Iowa Taproom.

Every four years, Des Moines takes center stage in the political world as the Iowa Caucus brings world attention to the state's largest city.

"So we are already on track to really great some records when it comes to the number of national and media here in our community for that weekend for that event," said Tiffany Tauscheck of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

Des Moines started planning for the caucus almost a year ago, bringing together businesses and community developers.

And why not?

The tourism folks at Catch Des Moines say the 2020 Caucuses are worth more than $11-million in extra revenue citywide.

"It's not just those dollars, it's also those connections and those relationships that we're able to build," explained Tauscheck.

Just ask the people at West End Architectural Salvage.

NBC News booked the place for its "Meet the Press" and "Today" show broadcasts.

And the Iowa Taproom is booked for some 400-NBC staffers for a Super Bowl party.

And just hours later, after the big game is finished and the big night of caucusing is over, Don Short knows they'll all be gone.

"On Wednesday, when the Super Bowl truck is unloaded and the generators are gone and the cameras are gone, and everybody's gone, and you're just like, 'Huh, that was fun. What's next?'"

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