Davenport mayor appoints new civil rights commissioners

All four of their terms expire on November 30th, 2021
Civil rights commission

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Mayor Frank Klipsch appointed four commissioners to the Civil Rights Commission on Tuesday, November 26.

Ruby Mateos was re-appointed to the commission.

New appointments include Janelle Swanberg, Henry Karp and Richard Pokora.

The new appointments replace Linda Gilman, Erie Johnson, and Michael Liendo. They did not seek re-appointments.

All four commissioner’s terms expire on November 30th, 2021.

The appointments received a 9-1 vote.

4th Ward Alderman Ray Ambrose voted against the appointments.

He argued that 7th Ward Alderman Mike Matson, who is mayor-elect, should appoint the new commissioners when he takes office in January.

Klipsch responded saying he followed the process that is laid out in the Davenport Municipal Code which states that civil rights commissioners serve terms that begin on December 1 and end two years later on November 30.

The civil rights commission is made up of 7 members. According to the city website, the commission investigates discrimination complaints, educates the community about civil rights laws, and recommend legislation to enforce the Davenport Civil Rights Ordinance.