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Davenport man using technology to help area hospital workers

A Davenport man is using his 3D printer to help keep hospital workers protected

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A Davenport man is using his 3D printer to help keep hospital workers protected.

Darryl Cross is using 6 of his 8 3D printers to make face shields. The shields are designed for an extra layer of protection on top of fabric face masks.

"That's the biggest piece about this shield, it's just an extra layer of protection to keep that fabric dry," Cross said.

He can make around 25 a day and has already made more than 300.

"I'm interested in helping regular everyday Americans like me, that live right here in my city, and having an impact on what's going on right here," Cross said.

You can find his GoFundMe here.

Cross has been 3D printing for the last 6 years, making a variety of different items. He decided to start making masks after talking to his mom, a nurse, and learning about the need for PPE. 

Cross says it costs about $4 to make masks, and he is selling them for $3.50. Cross has a friend helping him make masks.

"He was actually my football coach in middle school," Tyler Hoth said. Hoth is helping Cross make masks, but only has one 3D printer, so he isn't making as many.

"I'm glad that we can help out anyone in the medical community with these shields," Hoth said.

Cross has sent masks to hospitals and nursing homes in Virginia, Iowa, and Illinois.

You can order a mask on the Coach Cross Photography Facebook page.