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Report: Dallas officers dead, wounded at protest over police shootings

Three officers are reported dead with seven others injured at a protest in Dallas.
Officers shot during Dallas protests (CNN)

DALLAS – (CNN) — Four police officers in Dallas were killed and six others were wounded on Thursday night, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said in a statement. Brown said two snipers shot the 10 from elevated positions during a protest. Two officers are in surgery and three are in critical condition.

No suspects were in custody, but Dallas Police have released this photo of a person of interest:

Report: Dallas officers dead, wounded at protest over police shootings

Protesters and police alike took cover when shots rang out during a demonstration in response to recent deadly police shootings across the country.

Disturbing video shows what appears to be two officers and possibly several others lying in the street.

Police are currently investigating a parking garage near Commerce and Austin Streets in downtown Dallas as bystanders shelter in place, according to KTVT.

“The shots were coming from the roof,” one protester told the station. Witnesses reported hearing dozens of gunshots that scattered the crowd. That protester said that officers and bystanders alike were in the line of fire.

Police officers were searching for a man with a rifle, according to several reports. Many people said it sounded like a semi-automatic weapon.

“Everybody was fair game,” The man said. “They were just shooting randomly.”

It’s not yet clear the extent of the officers’ or any bystanders’ injuries.

Chief Brown asked for community thoughts and prayers as the search for suspects is underway.

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