QC police departments see string of burglaries, cars and homes left unlocked

Bettendorf and Davenport police departments say the cars and homes that were burglarized had been left unlocked.
Person inside unlocked car

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Both Bettendorf and Davenport police departments have responded to a string of burglaries after owners left their cars unlocked.

Davenport police say they responded to a string of burglaries on Tuesday, July 26, in the 1100 block of Emerald Drive. Police say multiple unlocked vehicles were entered, and a truck was stolen that was later recovered by police.

Davenport police say they encourage everyone to lock their vehicles and not leave anything of value in plain sight.

Bettendorf Police posted to social media on Wednesday, July 27, that they also responded to numerous car and home burglaries – all of which were left unlocked.

The following is from their social media post:

“All of the cars were left unlocked, the homes were entered through unlocked doors, and the vehicles that were stolen were unlocked with keys left in the vehicles.

Our detectives are working hard to identify all suspects involved, but in the meantime PLEASE lock your doors!! These are crimes of opportunity. Please do not give criminals the opportunity to steal your belongings or personal property. More importantly, please do not risk endangering your family.”