Police: Alabama woman and suspect try to kill Geneseo couple

Police said the suspects tried to mess with one victim’s drink and tried to beat the other.

GENESEO, Illinois -- Police are investigating two people they say planned to kill a Geneseo couple on North Aldrich Street.

Police arrested a woman from Alabama, Shannon Jones, 38, and have an arrest warrant for another man. Police say the two met online prior to Jones making the trip from Alabama.

Police say Jones and the man tried to murder the couple in two different ways, according to Chief of Police Casey Disterhoft .

Jones and the male suspect she was working with put "a foreign substance into a drink" that a victim drank on Friday, Oct. 4, Deputy Chief of Police Gene Karzin said. Afterward, the victim got sick, but didn't suffer any lasting effects.

Two days later, Jones and the man "attempted to bludgeon the second subject" at a home in Geneseo, according to Karzin. The person was able to escape and avoided getting seriously hurt.

Police say they didn't know about the poisoning scheme until they received the call about the attempted beating on Sunday.

Investigators found that Jones and the man she was working with had been planning the murder of these two people for several weeks.

The victims sustained minor injuries.

"There still a lot of pieces to this puzzle that we are still trying to figure out," says Disterhoft. "You know we are getting assistance from our state police and our patrol officers in our detective position."

Jones was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

The other suspect will be arrested once he's released from what police are calling "non-medical treatment".

As of Monday, Oct. 7 she was being held in the Henry County Jail; her bond has been set at $500,000.

No motivation was revealed yet.