Moline Police address a recent crime spike during holiday months

Recent shootings, car chases, and a school lock down have made for a busy month for Moline Police.

MOLINE, Illinois – The City of Moline has seen an increase in crime just over the last couple of weeks.  After a gun standoff on 16th Street, a murder near 8th Street, and even a school lock down at Moline High School and Roosevelt Elementary.

The Moline Police Department has been busy with multiple crimes for reasons they aren’t even sure of.

“I don’t know, I wish I could predict what is going on, or predict future crime with what has been going on,” says Detective Michael Griffin.

In one week alone, police have also responded to a car chase that started at a Wells Fargo and an accidental shooting at the Loganwood Apartments on the night of Dec. 13th.

“It usually starts calming down about now,” says Griffin.  “Winter sets in and people tend to stay inside.”

Police say this time of year they are usually seeing thefts and burglaries, but the final months of 2018 have been different.

“Numerous people have firearms and they are willing to use them and carry them on their persons,” Griffin adds.

After an eventful couple weeks, police say they’ve had enough.

“It needs to stop, so we are holding those that are doing this accountable,” says Griffin.

Moline Police say they have been so swamped in the past few weeks they’ve had to put some investigations on hold.  They do emphasize most of the recent crimes have been targeted and not random or connected.