Medical issues from officer-involved shooting results in temporary jail release for injured man

Police reported Wilson came to the door and fired a handgun before attacking an officer.
Steven Wilson

MOLINE, Illinois — A man who was injured in an officer-involved shooting has been temporarily released after his first appearance in Rock Island County Court on March 18. His release is due to ongoing medical complications after being shot in the chest by police.

June 22, the Moline Police Department were called to the Allstate Insurance building for a burglary in progress.

While they were investigating, they found Wilson at a residence a few blocks away. Police reported Wilson came to the door and fired a handgun before attacking an officer.

Two police officers fired at Wilson, including one who struck him in the chest. Both officers were justified in the shooting after being placed on administrative leave.

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Wilson was taken to Peoria for treatment after he was shot. His injuries were listed as “serious.”

Nearly nine months later, Wilson was arrested in the state of Oregon and extradited to the Rock Island County Jail, arriving on March 17.

When asked how Wilson got to Oregon, Captain Darren Gault with the Rock Island County Integrity Task Force said: “he was not in custody.” Gault said Wilson was fugitive until he was arrested by the US Marshals Service.

His charges were filed on Dec. 11, 2018, nearly six months after the incident, according to public records.

Wilson is charged with aggravated battery, discharge of a firearm, armed violence and possession of a controlled substance. All the charges are felonies.

At his first appearance, Judge Frank Fuhr released Wilson on a $1 million recognizance bond due to ongoing medical treatment from his gunshot injuries.

Wilson is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on April 2.

Editor’s Note: This story has been corrected from its original publication, which stated Wilson was involved in the State Farm burglary. There was no evidence indicating Wilson was involved.