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Man accused of kidnapping, killing Breasia Terrell denied new lawyer for 2nd time

Henry Dinkins, 49, said he would represent himself in the trial if he has to.

SCOTT COUNTY, IOWA, Iowa — The man accused of kidnapping and killing 10-year-old Breasia Terrell in 2020 will not get a new lawyer after a Scott County judge denied his second request on Friday. 

Back in January, Henry Dinkins, 49, claimed his current attorney Miguel Puentes hasn't been communicating with or visiting him in jail. In a letter to Judge Henry Latham, Dinkins said he hadn't seen his attorney "but one time for five to eight minutes tops." 

Latham denied the request on Feb. 10, according to court records. 

In another letter to Latham, Dinkins, again, asked for a new attorney. He also said he would rather represent himself. 

"I did hear you mention the seriousness of my allegations, that's why I asked for a different attorney to file those motion[s] that are critical to my changes," Dinkins wrote. "I can have the best attorney in the world but that doesn't mean he or she is willing to put in the work on my case." 

This all led to Friday's hearing, where Scott County Attorney Mike Walton accused Dinkins of trying to manipulate the schedule and delay the trial. 

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"If that's the case, we can have the case and I will represent myself," Dinkins responded. "If you feel I'm trying to prolong it, I will represent myself." 

Judge Latham implored Dinkins to cooperate with his representation given the serious nature of the charges and his lack of legal knowledge. 

"You have very good representation," Latham said. "Your attorneys have tried to communicate with you. They are trained in the law. They have handled many trials. You are facing very serious charges." 

As of Friday, the trial is set for May 9 at the Scott County Courthouse.

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