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Defense argues teen was seeking attention when he brought a loaded gun to North Scott Jr. High School

“What Luke did was attention seeking behavior,” said defense attorney Meenakshi Brandt. “Not intent to commit murder.”

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Eight witnesses testified in court on Thursday, as 13-year-old Luke Andrews sat beside his lawyers inside of a courtroom at the Scott County Courthouse.

North Scott Junior High School Counselor Holly Leinhauser was emotional as she remembered the moments that she worked with another teacher to grab the gun out of the then-12-year-old's hands.

"Then I asked what was the intent? What were you trying to do? And he said to end it and end anything that got in his way," Leinhauser told the jury when asked about August 31, 2018.

That's the day police say Andrews brought a .22 caliber pistol to school. The gun was loaded.

He is accused of walking into a classroom, telling his peers to get down, pointing the gun at a teacher, and pulling the trigger.

Defense attorneys say Andrews never intended to kill anyone.

"What Luke did was attention seeking behavior," said defense attorney Meenakshi Brandt. "Not intent to commit murder."

In an opening statement, Brandt told the jury, "He did bring a gun to school. He did bring it into a classroom. Luke owns that fact."

The gun was in court Thursday.

The school resource officer held it up and identified it.

Other witnesses on Thursday included two of Andrew's classmates, the school's assistant principal, two police officers who were on the scene on the day in question, and by a criminalist from the state lab were also heard.

Andrews is on trial in adult court and is charged as a youthful offender.

Prosecutors used their opening statement to remind the jury of the job they have to do to give Andrews a fair trial.

"I will ask you to put aside your sympathy, your bias, and I will ask you to follow the law," said Julie Walton, Assistant Attorney in Scott County, Iowa.

Court resumes Friday at 9:00 a.m. at the Scott County Courthouse.