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Davenport Police hold community meeting on neighborhood safety

The quarterly meeting focused on assisting with community intervention.

Davenport Police are continuing their work with residents to help get a handle on crime. Police say that starts in the neighborhood.

The department hosted a “Good Neighbor Project” meeting Tuesday, July 13 with Family Resources on helping to assist with community intervention.

Davenport Police say curbing crime is something they can't do alone.

"By being good neighbors, that will decrease crime in our communities," Davenport Police sergeant Andrew Harris said.

The Davenport "Good Neighbor Project" program was started in 2020 with the mission of making neighborhoods safer.

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"Neighborhoods are the foundation of Davenport," Harris said.

Police want residents to know there are services to help throughout the community.

“We practice trauma informed care and their are a lot of community members that have experienced some traumatic events," Tee LeShoure with Family Resources said.

LeShoure tries to get to the root cause of issues and to be there for those grieving and needing trauma therapy.

"We want to make sure the community is empowered," LeShoure said.

LeShoure says the more people coming together as a neighborhood, the better.

"We need everybody on deck so when we get to the table and find what the community needs that we are all there," LeShoure said.

Police hope organizations like Family Resources will be a place people will turn to and build relationships.

“We need our neighbors to be talking to each other and also want our neighbors to feel comfortable with the Davenport Police Department," Harris said.

The Davenport “Good Neighbor Project” was first formed in 2020. Meetings are held four times a year. The next meeting will be in September at the Jubilee Center.

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