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Colder weather may put your car at greater risk of being stolen

Car thefts are often a crime of opportunity, so locking your property up is the best way to protect yourself against it.
Car Theft

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Colder weather may put your car at a greater risk for being stolen.  Since car thefts are often a crime of opportunity, the Davenport Police Department said cars that are left unlocked, or are being warmed up with the keys inside can leave your property and vehicle vulnerable.

On Friday, October 23 two vehicles were reported stolen from the area of the Village of East Davenport, according to police.  One was reported in the 2100 block of Jersey Ridge Road and the other was in the 2200 block of East 11th Street.  Both were left running and unattended.

Another vehicle in the same area, in the 1700 block of Jersey Ridge Road, was burglarized, said police.  That vehicle was left unlocked.

"The most common reasons thieves steal cars are to use the vehicle to commit another crime; and, to go joyriding," explained the department. "Vehicle thefts are occurring from residential driveways, on the street in front of residences, gas stations, convenient stores; anywhere vehicles are left running and unattended."

These four actions may attract a thief: 

  • Leaving the vehicle unattended and running
  • Leaving the keys inside the vehicle (especially in plain view)
  • Parking in areas with poor visibility (low light or hidden from public view)
  • Leaving electronics or valuables inside the vehicle in plan view

The best thing you can do to protect your vehicle is to lock it up and not leave your keys inside. 

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