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Camera catches casual Clinton criminal collecting cash

A security camera catches the dialogue between a robber and cashier at a Clinton business.
Clinton store robber

CLINTON, Iowa- On February 7 security footage captured the robbery of the Clinton Circle K.

According to the Clinton Police Department’s Facebook page a man dressed in cameo entered the unidentified business at 1:27 a.m.

The masked robber approaches the cashier holding a firearm. The security camera footage cuts to the robber ordering the cashier to clear out the drawer. In the footage the robber holds the gun casually and doesn’t point it at the cashier.

After he counts the cash the robber asks the cashier to “wait 15 minutes before calling the cops.”

“I- I can’t do that, you know,” the cashier says.

The robber replies “do what you got to do bro” as he walks out the store.

Anyone with information on the robbery should call the investigating detectives at (563) 243-1458.