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Buffalo Police release security camera footage of 2 security guards, 2 civilians taking down gunman

Buffalo Police released security video from Thursday morning, when a man walked into a clinic with an AR-15 and allegedly fired one shot into the wall.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Police officials have released security camera footage of what they say is 48-year-old Jeremy Griffin walking into a methadone clinic on Virginia Street on Thursday morning, carrying an AR-15.

Officers believe it was an attempted robbery that was drug related. 

Two seconds into the video, Griffin fires his weapon at a wall. 2 On Your Side has skipped over that graphic part in the video attached to this web story. 

Officers say it was then a security guard in the video who immediately went after Griffin. A few seconds later, two other people come running as well, including another security guard. 

They are able to get Griffin outside of the clinic. 

Then a man walking by joins in to help them, and a few seconds later a second civilian runs up to assist and ends up taking away the rifle from Griffin. 

Officers say at least two more rounds were fired during the struggle, but no one was injured. 

Griffin is charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder. Officers say he stopped at a home on Pennsylvania Street and shot a woman in the leg, before going to the clinic.

That woman was taken to ECMC for non-life-threatening injuries. 

Meanwhile, Buffalo Police are working with ATF to find out where the AR-15 came from. Officers say it had an extended 30-round magazine and was loaded with more than ten rounds of ammunition. Investigators don't believe the attack was planned. 

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says Griffin will undergo a forensic health evaluation due to a mental health concern. 

His next court appearance is Nov. 15.

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