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Senior living facility still without power and struggling for basic supplies

"It`s hard to breath with the windows open and stuff and no air in here.”

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Kathy Braden is going on her second full day without power at Thomas Place Senior Living.   

Braden saying, “Your family has to be able to bring you something to eat and I don`t know what the people do that don`t have family.”

For the 55 plus community, it's taking a heavy toll.    

“We`re used to air conditioning and some of us like her and I both are asthmatic and it`s hard to breath with the windows open and stuff and no air in here.”    

Kathy's neighbor, Latricia Straight, struggling to keep refrigerated medication from going bad.

Straight saying, “It has to be refrigerated and if it`s not it goes bad and then I can`t get it replaced by the insurance for another month.”

For some residents who live on the upper floors and have trouble using the stairs, they`re stuck in their apartments for the time being with the elevators out of service.     

“Well they tell us that it`s independent and everybody in here should be able to go up and down the stairs and everything but that`s not true because there is a lot of people in wheelchairs.”  

Kathy is one of those residents who relies on the elevator.

She’s been using a bucket to pass items from her daughter up to the second floor.  

With no backup generator at the building and temperatures inside climbing, both women are hoping to see an end to this soon.  

“I sleep with her at night I sleep here in the chair and she`s in her room. As a neighbor being a friend I just told her I`d stay with her.”    

Kathy and Latricia, waiting out the power outage together.