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Moline's Prospect Park pavilion landmark designation awaiting approval

Now that renovations are complete on the historic site, an application for historic designation is going to City Council.
Prospect Park History

MOLINE, Ill. — A classic building in Moline is on its way to becoming an official landmark.

A 2017 application to designate the Prospect Park Pavilion as a local landmark is coming to City Council after support from the Moline Historic Preservation Commission and the Park Board.

The application was made in 2017, but the Council tabled the proposal until after a series of repairs and renovations, which have recently been completed.

Designating local landmarks has several purposes, according to the Historic Preservation Commission.

  1. To promote the educational, cultural and economic welfare of the public of the city by preserving and protecting historic structures, sites and neighborhoods which serve as visible reminders of the history and cultural heritage of the city, state or nation. 
  2. To strengthen the economy of the city by stabilizing and improving property values in historic areas and to encourage new developments that will be harmonious with the existing historic structures and districts. 
  3. To foster civic pride and to enhance and promote the aesthetics of the community, its residents, potential residents and visitors.

"The Prospect Park Pavilion meets the criteria for a locally designated landmark, because it embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type of architecture, is significant in local history and possesses integrity of design, materials and workmanship. The required repairs and painting requested by the City Council in 2017 have now been completed and the Park Board and Historic Preservation Commission reaffirmed their support for the application of landmarking the property. The pavilion is now stable and should remain a treasure and an icon for the community for many more years," says the Council Action Report on the subject.