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New local gym cuts down on hours spent in the gym and maximizes goal achievement

QuickHit Fitness Lab in Davenport, Iowa aims to help you reach your fitness goals without spending hours in the gym

DAVENPORT, Iowa — May is Mental Health Awareness Month and according to the Center's for Disease control 40% of adults said they were struggling with their mental health as of June of 2020. That number is likely higher as we continue to battle the Coronavirus Pandemic.

QuickHit Fitness is taking a different approach to physical fitness that doesn't require the endless hours in the gym. Facility Director, Anthony Peters says it's about breaking up your larger goals into smaller, more attainable goals. Others say it's breaking up your macro goal into smaller micro goals.

"You're breaking things up into more doable chunks. Let's say you do 20 minutes Monday, 20 minutes Wednesday, and 20 minutes Friday. That's an hour of working out in a week that's a whole lot more doable than exercising an hour every single day of the week out of nowhere" said Anthony Peters. 

The CDC says, "One session of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity reduces anxiety, and being physically active can foster normal growth and development, improves overall health, and event reduces the risk of various chronic diseases".

Many of us have been living a more "at rest" lifestyle since the pandemic came about. Now getting back into the gym could be a challenge for some. Peters said: "When you go into a gym it's kind of overwhelming, there's machines wall to wall. There's free weights all over and they all do different things. Our machine does all of that plus more."

Their approach is one machine that can handle all of your weight lifting needs.

Quickhit client, Paul Madsen says, "Compared to a normal gym where you're constantly doing a very different large range of motion and having to set everything yourself the machine does it for you. It just tracks everything and it adjusts so you can keep hitting your goals.

Peter's says the way to success in fitness falls under three pillars: Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Accountability.

Quickhit aims to help you achieve your fitness goals while also reducing your stress, boosting your energy and making you stronger.

If you would like to learn more about QuickHit Fitness Lab the Davenport location is hosting a demo day on Thursday May 6th where you can come in and see the gym, ask questions and learn about their different programs.

QuickHit Fitness Lab is located at 1224 E 37th Street Davenport, Iowa. 

You can also follow them on Facebook for other events.

You can learn more about QuickHit here.