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Kinna's House of Love CEO in need of a car after 2 hit-and-runs

Luekinna Hodges's vehicle was involved in 2 hit-and-runs in a span of 3 weeks. Now, she needs a replacement to keep her organization working.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Kinna's House of Love CEO Luekinna Hodges is in need of a car after her previous vehicle was involved in two hit-and-runs in a span of three weeks. 

"They backed out of the driveway, ran into my car and they kept going," said Hodges. "Both of these incidents happened when I was in my house, sleeping." 

She later filed an incident report with the Davenport Police Department. 

Hodges was able to fix her car after the first hit and run, but her car would later be sideswiped, losing her side mirror and door handle, which totaled the vehicle.

"I go out to my car, and I was reaching for the handle while looking at my phone. I couldn't believe it." Hodges said. 

Hodges said she relies on her car to help out communities. Kinna's House of Love is a non-profit organization that helps connect people with resources they may need. 

“We were supposed to have an event this weekend and I canceled it because I was not sure where I would be with the car," Hodges said.

Currently, she's using a rental vehicle to get around but says she wants to get a personal car as soon as possible. 

“I'm hoping for a car so I have to keep working with my babies and do what needs to be done,” Hodges said. 

Luekinna also says she is not upset with those involved in the hit-and-run but wants an apology. 

“It would be nice to get a letter, I said that before, like at least just sent an anonymous letter saying 'I'm sorry'," Hodges said. "You don't just do that to people.”

Hodges created a GoFundMe in hopes to raise money. If you are interested in helping, click/tap here. She is also taking CashApp donations. 

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