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Her Impact Ignites: Love Girls Magazine celebrates young women in the Quad Cities

Teresa and Jasmine Babers are the cofounders of Love Girls Magazine, a publication operated by teenage girls to build self-esteem through storytelling.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Editor's note: In honor of Women's History Month, "Her Impact Ignites" is a series celebrating women for their continued work in the community. 

Teresa and Jasmine Babers are the cofounders of Love Girls Magazine. It's special partnership beyond business - they're mother and daughter.

Love Girls was founded in 2012 when Jasmine was in high school and decided to combat bullying.

"I suggested that maybe she start a magazine. I don't know how serious I was about that, but she took me very seriously," Teresa Babers laughed. 

Jasmine said the goal for the Quad Cities-born publication was to build the self-esteem of her peers.

"The magazine is sort of like this beautiful combination of all the things that my mom and I and my sister really know and love, and girls in the community know and love," Jasmine Babers said. "It's also uplifting one another, that's telling stories that celebrate one another.

Members of the nonprofit are involved in nearly every step of the editorial process and are also the cover girls.

"There's still something special about someone taking the time to put you on a cover of a magazine, pass that out to your school, your family and friends, and people in your community. Young women are still honored by that's still very special," Teresa Babers said.

The magazine publishes two issues a year. All the articles are written by teenage girls who share their personal stories or topics from lifestyle to social injustice.

WATCH: Love Girls Magazine's anthem, 'lead, overcome, value, empower'

The members have evolved from being cover girls. In addition to the colorful print copies, the girls produce podcasts and content for online platforms.

Just like the form of storytelling changed over the last decade so has the mission.

"My 'why' now is addressing what we call the opportunity gap. And it's the idea that talent is equally distributed, but opportunities are not. And there are so many talented young women in our community who never get the opportunity to step into leadership or to step into different skills

The organization has expanded with groups in Washington D.C. and Memphis, Tennessee. Each year, the magazine hosts The Love Awards, an event honoring young women in the Quad Cities community for their talents, accomplishments and perseverance. 

"We have a diverse community of girls, they're Black, Asian, Hispanic...they're from different socio-economic backgrounds," Teresa Babers said. "Some people have had a difficult life. Some people had a cushy one, but when I see them, I see unity. I see girls who come together to help each other and that's pretty powerful."

Interested in becoming part of the Love Girls team? Reach out via email at lovegirlsmagazine@gmail.com or via mail at P.O. Box 102, Moline, IL 61266.

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