Buck stuck in Mississippi draws pictures and concerns

A buck made it’s way to the middle of the Mississippi Friday morning near the East Village.

DAVENPORT, Iowa – It was a sight to see on Davenport’s River Drive Friday morning – a buck stranded on the ice in the Mississippi River.

“We thought it was a statue or something,” says Heather Deters. “All the geese were around it.  And then I saw him move his head and I said, “we need to stop and check it out”.”

A stranded buck in a sea of Canadian geese drew plenty of passersby to stop and snap a photo.  But the buck was a concern for some.

“We came down to see if anything can be done,” says Chasity Dunkin. “Because you can’t leave him there, it’s an animal.”

The Iowa DNR says there’s nothing they, fire department, or police departments can do.  They say it’s not safe for anyone to risk their safety in icy conditions and deer can swim if they fall in.