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Breasia Terrell inspired dress steals spotlight in Davenport fashion show

"To know that she was here not physically, but she was definitely here."

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Family and friends of Breasia Terrell, a missing 10-year-old Davenport girl, gathered at a family run fashion show in Davenport on Sunday. Even though Breasia wasn't present, she was still under the spotlight.

The "Dare 2 B Me" Fashion Show was run by Moore Divahs owner, Shay Moore.  Moore is also Breasia Terrells cousin.  While designers from around the Quad Cities showed off their stylish outfits, Moore had a surprise for her family - especially Aisha Lankford, Breasia's mother.

"When you come out, you know this is for Breasia," says Moore.  "I just showed her the outline of me creating it, but she (Lankford) never actually seen it on fabric."

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Moore revealed a purple sequin dress on a model - also Breasia's cousin - in the final round of the show.  The dress was covered in images of Breasia, which made Lankford speechless.

"What I'm supposed to do is use my platform to keep her going," Moore explains.

"It definitely hit me," says Lankford.  "It hit an emotional spot for me, but these are joy tears at the moment."

Each day the family says they think about Breasia.

"To know that she was here not physically, but she was definitely here," Lankford comments.

There is a $13,500 reward for information that leads to Terrell's whereabouts.

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