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Muddy fields slow 2018 harvest for Scott County farmer

“We’re dealing with mud and soft fields,” said Scott County farmer Robb Ewoldt. “We can’t utilize the combine to its potential.&#...

BUFFALO, Iowa -After unexpected weather delays, area farmers are making the most of sunshine and drier weather.

That's why Robb Ewoldt is racing the clock on Tuesday, October 16.

"We're burning daylight," he said.

He's also battling the elements.

"When I get stuck, I really get stuck," he added.

But on this brisk October morning, he's back in the combine.

"Harvest is a lot slower now," he said.

While the 2018 harvest actually started early, heavy rain put it on hold. Now, wet fields and muddy conditions are hampering work in the fields.

"We're dealing with mud and soft fields," he continued.  "We can't utilize the combine to its potential, so we're trying to drop more often."

Other regions are squaring off with quality issues, but just being able to harvest is challenging enough near Buffalo.

"When you've gone through one place and had troubles, you know you're probably going to have troubles when you get to that place again," he said.

Despite the extra rain, he expects average drying costs.  If the weather cooperates, he'll finish harvesting before Thanksgiving.

"We have the wind, and we have the sun," he continued.  "We just don't have the heat to really dry this ground out as fast as we'd like."

For now, a non-stop ride through the rows to finish. Even with the weather delays, his corn harvest could still top 2017's bumper crop.

Farmers will begin to concentrate on soybeans later this week.

"It's just a rush-rush, and try to get as much of it in as you can," he concluded.