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How much of an impact does agriculture have on football? Find out here

It’s time for football, and Wednesday, August 22, the Rock Island County Farm Bureau’s DeAnne Bloomberg is getting us into the spirit.

MOLINE- It's time for football, and Wednesday, August 22, the Rock Island County Farm Bureau's DeAnne Bloomberg got us into the spirit.

According to Ag in the Classroom.org, the 'football charm' shows us how agriculture is a part of the sport. It has little representations of the many parts of agriculture that are in football. This charm could be made during your local high school’s football season and your students could wear them to the games.

To start use little zipper style bags. Then include these items. If one item has two objects that represent it use one or the other or both.

Uniforms –Are made from cotton, so first add a small cotton ball. Football – Most footballs used today are covered with a leather outside made from cows. Use confetti cows or confetti footballs.

Turf Grass – Most football fields use natural grass, professional, and high school, but
some of the professional teams are using an artificial grass. Here put grass seed into
the bag.

Tickets, Programs, and Schedules – These are printed on paper from trees and
possibly use soy ink made from soybeans. To represent this use soybeans and real
ticket stubs.

Tape and Bandages – Corn dextrines and cattle gelatins are used as adhesives and
binding agents. Use corn kernels and cow confetti.

Film for pictures – Uses cornstarch (as a spreading agent) and gelatin (as a coating and
sizing agent) from cattle. Use cornstarch and cow confetti for the film.

Foods eaten at the game are also connected to Agriculture:
Soda – Sweetened with corn syrup. Use corn kernels.
Hot Dogs – pork/beef in a wheat bun with relish from cucumbers. Use pig confetti.
Peanuts and Popcorn – both grown by farmers. Use actual peanuts and popcorn.
Nachos and Cheese – corn flour with cheese made from dairy cows. Here use corn
kernels and cow confetti.
Soft Pretzels – wheat flour and vegetable oil. Use whole-wheat flour so that it doesn’t
get mixed up with the cornstarch.
Chewing gum – base comes from the tropical gum tree with sugar and corn syrup
added as sweeteners. Use an actual piece of gum.

After everything is in the bag, use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the top of the bag above the seal and then use yarn to make a necklace.

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