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'Took my money and took off': Whiteside County man scammed by door-to-door driveway paver

Donald Devers was sold an "oil and chip" driveway by a door-to-door contractor who left him nearly $2,000 in the hole

WHITESIDE COUNTY, Illinois — An elderly man in Whiteside County is left with a rocky mess in his driveway after he paid a door-to-door contractor nearly $2,000 to improve it in April. 

Now, the contractor won't answer phone calls from the family of Donald Devers, who says he just doesn't know what to do with it.

"Quick money, is what it is," said Devers. "Took my money and took off."

According to Devers and a receipt signed by contractor Richard McBride, he was initially charged $1,200 for the oil and chip driveway, and an additional $700 for a seal.

"But the rain washed it off," said Devers.

Devers son, Mike, says that McBride stopped answering the phone when the family called to complain.

"He goes, 'I didn't scam him. Scammers tell you one price and then they charge you another,'" Mike said. "Well, scammers do a shady job, too."

The Whiteside County Building and Zoning Administrator said contractors are not required to have a license or permit for work on residential driveways. If Devers lived within Rock Falls city jurisdiction that would have been a requirement. 

"It's not adhering. That's where we're getting loose gravel everywhere," said Coloma Township Highway Commissioner Ruthie Rogers as she scraped her fingers through the loose rock. 

She said it could have been the wrong type of oil or just not enough oil. In her decades of experience, she has seen a few traveling contractors come through the area. 

"Some of them, they rove around, and some do excellent jobs. And some, they're here and you never see them again. It's kind of hit and miss and they move right on," she said.

News 8 reached out to McBride for comment. He claimed not to know the Devers and hung up.