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These 3 Iowa cities saw record development in 2021

Much of that development is fueled by the construction of single family homes in Waukee, Ankeny and Urbandale.

WAUKEE, Iowa — There has been record-breaking levels of development in communities across Iowa, and for two cities, it's the second year in a row.

Brandon Bingham is the president and CEO of Bing Bang, a marketing company headquartered in Waukee. He moved there just over a year ago.

"To move the business to Waukee was really because of Waukee. We moved out here because of everything that was happening," said Bingham.

He said, so far, it's been a good move for his company.

"There are people...moving into this space, really high quality, talented people moving into the Waukee area," he said.

In fact, the city set a record last year issuing 1,761 building permits valued at $330.6 million. That number tops the $245.7 million dollars worth of permits in 2020.

"We've been preparing for that growth over the last several years from an infrastructure perspective," said Waukee Mayor Courtney Clarke.

Last year, the city invested $45 million to improve and add infrastructure throughout the city.

"I think the difference really for us has been that people have been so proactive about one thin—to develop here in Waukee," said Mayor Clarke. "They have been planning ahead for their growth here."

Waukee isn't alone.

Ankeny set a record in 2021 with building permits valued at $498.7 million.  That beats last year's record of about $423 million.

"That's opportunities, new opportunities, new shopping opportunities, more commercial, more job opportunities for our residents. We've been there's been a heavy focus on job creation in our community," said David Jones, Ankeny city manager.

Urbandale's record $220.6 million in building permits beats the previous record of $188 million set in 2003.

Leaders in these cities are preparing for more growth all while folks like Bingham get a front-row seat to the growth.

"As I look out our window right now, there's an empty cornfield directly across from us. What will that look like in 12 months or 36 months? It's just amazing," said Bingham.

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