Illinois offering new grant for select businesses

Restaurants, bars, salons and gyms are eligible for relief funds.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — A new grant application opens Friday, June 26, to help select businesses regain their footing after making it through the brunt of COVID-19. 

In some cases, businesses are finding these grants are necessary to stay afloat. 

J. Gotti's owner John Gotilla is still trying to play catch up. He says the past few months have been tough. 

"It was horrible. We actually shut down for two months. It just wasn't feasible to leave our doors open."

Gotilla went two months with no business at all. His recovery started June 1st. 

He opened his doors then to outdoor dining. 

Now there's another way he and other Illinois businesses can get financial help. 

The Business Interruption Grant opens its applications Friday, June 26. The grant is from the state and is designed to help businesses that may have had a rough past few months. 

Gotilla says, "You almost need it. Like I said with the revenue that we've lost over the past five months, four to five months, you need it."

The first round of the BIG grant being offered by the state will dole out 60 million dollars to around 3,500 businesses across Illinois. 

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is doing what they can to make sure businesses in the area know about it. 

Director of Economic and Business Growth Services Jenelle Wolber says this money can help businesses get their feet back on the ground. 

"After being down for several months it can be challenging for businesses to get back up and running so this infusion of cash will give them the leg up to get back up and going." 

The money comes from the Cares Act, distributed by the federal government to Illinois. 

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Now that money is being pumped directly back into communities. 

Wolber says, "It takes money to make money. So getting an infusion of cash is helpful to get businesses back on their feet and start turning a profit again. 

Businesses that apply will be put into a lottery system to receive funding.

Salons and Barber Shops can receive up to $10,000 while fitness centers, gyms, restaurants and bars can receive up to $20,000.