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Let’s Move Quad Cities: Digital shoulder surgery helps Davenport resident overcome severe pain

Charlotte Langstaff was wracked with arthritis pain to the point she didn’t notice her own heart attack. A special surgery helped alleviate her pain so sh...

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Charlotte Langstaff is an active 70-year-old who used medicine to keep herself moving.

She likes making crafts like her colorful Easter wreaths, but severe arthritis made her favorite activities difficult.

"I have arthritis and it was worn down, no cartilage, and I had damage just from wear and tear and lifting different times," the Davenport resident told WQAD's Marissa Sulek.

Completing simple tasks was a struggle because of shooting pain in Langstaff's right shoulder.

"I couldn't sleep, I was on 3 800 milligrams of ibuprofen per day," Langstaff said. She didn't even realize when she had a heart attack because the pain in her shoulder was so bad.

To help with the pain Langstaff turned to Dr. Winston, a surgeon at the ORA. Dr. Winston said she had a lot of deformity from her arthritis but it could be fixed using a 3-D template.

"It lets me essentially do the surgery digitally to make the actual surgery smooth out any sort of surprises," Dr. Winston said.

The doctor used the technology to mold Landstaff's ideal shoulder replacement.

"Essentially what you do, instead of doing a ball and socket joint, you just reverse where the socket is and make it a ball and vice versa."

After a smooth recovery Langstaff is back to what she does best.

"Four months of therapy and it's been great," Langstaff told Channel 8.

Now Langstaff has plenty of time before Easter to finish up her wreaths without worrying about severe pain.