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Record number of Black Friday shoppers expected

This year's Black Friday shopping spree is expected to break records. The National Retail Federation predicts more than 166.3 million people shopping this weekend.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — This year's Black Friday shopping spree is expected to break records. That's according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), which predicts more than 166.3 million people shopping between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Quad Cities resident Azul Hernadez is one of those shoppers. She was waiting in the Best Buy curbside pick-up spot with her brother-in law for their new videogame console.

"There was a really good deal on a console and I brought my brother-in-law to pick it up," said Hernadez. 

According to the NRF, eight million more people are expected to shop than last year during the same timeframe. 

But for Hernadez, she says, the thought of waiting in long lines and big crowds convinced her to do online pick-up.

"I didn't want to go inside and deal with the whole crowd of people and stuff, so I found it easier to just come here for the curbside pick-up," said Hernadez.

And she isn't alone. Calisa Steele, another Black Friday shopper, who was in the Target Drive-Up spot says it was easier to sit and wait rather than walk in.

"Personally, I like mobile pick-up because you avoid the crowds like it is on Black-Friday," said Steele. "We pulled up and it was less than a minute and she gave us our gifts and we're rolling out soon."

But not every person shopping is from the area. Some people like Michelle Johnson, a Galesburg resident, drove up to the Quad Cities because it's become a tradition for her and friends to find some great deals.

"We've been doing this for probably 15 years now," said Johnson. "We look for great deals for kids that they've told us what they want, other than that, we look just for a fun time."

Although she loves shopping at big brand stores, she is cognizant of how spending her money at stores like Target and Old Navy affect local businesses. 

"A lot of us come from home-grown businesses and so it's really important that we keep our community strong by shopping locally or shopping within our area," said Johnson. 

Her father ran a barber shop for 57 years and she says she has relatives who also have their own small businesses.

"In our family, we have a bar, we have a couple of people who had farms, so we're very conscious about keeping our community thriving," said Johnson.

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