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Reminder: REAL ID goes into effect on October 1

With the turning of the calendar, we're getting closer to a key change in ID policy that will affect your ability to travel.
Illinois REAL ID

With the calendar turning over to 2021, we're 3/4 of a year away from a change in ID policy that will affect your ability to travel domestically.

Previously, the requirement of new REAL ID was set to go into effect in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused the deadline to be pushed back to October 1 2020.

Having REAL ID license or identification card will be one of two methods of accessing domestic commercial flights; the other being a U.S. Passport.

The REAL ID system is a recent federal act focusing on anti-terrorism efforts, fraud protection and security specific to driver's licenses and ID cards required for access to certain federal facilities, air travel, and nuclear power plants.

The implementation of REAL ID does not invalidate your current state-issued ID, and you only need it if you use domestic air travel or access military bases and secure federal locations.

For additional Illinois-specific information, visit this page.

For additional Iowa-specific information, visit this page.

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