Skilled to Work: NECA IBEW reviews the National Electrical Code

Electrical workers, inspectors and even competing contractors come together to learn the latest updates

DAVENPORT, Iowa — It's not exactly how most guys want to spend their Saturday, hitting the books in what feels like a college lecture. But electrical workers, inspectors and even competing contractors come together like this once every three years to review the latest edition of the National Electrical Code. 

"It's a live document that's changing all the time," said retired electrician and instructor Charlie Graf. On a recent Saturday, he could be seen leading several dozen people through the latest updates. 

"It's a close-knit group," he said. "We don't agree on everything every day. There's interpretations that need to change, but that's what a live document does."

Labor represented by the IBEW and the contractors by NECA, members of the trade learn from one another. 

"This is a specific time when even as competitors, we can all sit in the same room with a common interest," said Jeff Lanum, the president of Electric Doctor in Bettendorf. "These things do help us make sure our trade is consistent and safe."

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